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Learn Choose Use

Learn Choose Use' is about choice. Recognizing that every teacher brings a distinct style and method, we offer resources tailored to diverse teaching needs.

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Learn Choose Use

LCU Cover Eng.webp

Contextualizing Teaching and Learning

LCU Contextualizing Cover.webp

Practical Questioning and Assessment

LCU Practical Questioning and Assessment Cover.webp

Strategies to Motivate Students

Hook and Motivation Cover.webp

Teaching Mixed-Ability Classes

Teaching Mixed-Ability Classes Cover.webp

Learning From

LCU LFM Cover.webp

List of Class Routines

List of Class Routines Cover.webp

Strategies for Managing Behaviors

LCU Strategies for Managing Behaviors Cover.webp

Active Learning

LCU Active learning Cover.webp

Strategies to Promote
Multi-Lingual Learning

Teaching Mixed-Ability Classes Cover.webp
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