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What are youth’s career interests after high school?

A survey of grade 12 migrant students based in Mae Sot District, Thailand

A youth-led survey conducted at a local career fair in Tak Province, Thailand, engaged 96 grade 12 migrant high school students, providing insights into their career interests, educational priorities, and digital literacy levels. Administered in Burmese and English, and facilitated by Cotton On Foundation Thailand at Kamphaeng Phet Rajabhat University Mae Sot (KPRU-MS), the survey aimed to capture diverse perspectives from six migrant learning centers. While representing about 28% of the total grade 12 migrant student population in the province, the survey offered a meaningful snapshot of students' interests, indicating a strong inclination towards further education, particularly among females.

Fields such as business and economics, STEM, and social sciences emerged as popular choices, reflecting aspirations aligned with promising career prospects. Notably, scholarships and financial aid options were identified as paramount factors in choosing higher education programs, highlighting the importance of economic support for educational advancement. Additionally, the survey revealed a keen interest in digital skills among students, with recommendations provided to enhance educational opportunities and support their career aspirations.

Recommended Citation

Grunawalt, P. & Kanawng, S. (2024). What are migrant youth’s career interests after high school? A survey of migrant high school students based in Mae Sot District, Thailand. The Inclusive Education Foundation. Mae Sot, Thailand.

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