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Stepping Stones

The Impact of the Twin Crises on the Future of Migrant Education in Thailand

The COVID-19 pandemic severely disrupted global education, impacting over 1.6 billion learners and 100 million teachers in more than 190 countries. Children around the world missed approximately 2 trillion in-person learning hours, with those from disadvantaged backgrounds suffering the most. This situation has been described as a potential "generational catastrophe" by top international officials and research bodies. In Thailand, the educational landscape for Myanmar migrant children, which had been improving thanks to policies like the 1999 Education for All, faced setbacks due to the pandemic and political upheavals in Myanmar. A participatory action research project, conducted during the peak of Thailand's pandemic in 2021, explored the compounded crises' impact on Myanmar migrant education in Thailand. Titled "Stepping Stones: The Impact of Twin Crises on the Future of Migrant Education in Thailand," the report emphasizes the resilience of educational pathways and the potential for rebuilding.

Recommended Citation

Lowe, T., Win, N., & Tyrosvoutis, G. (2022). Stepping stones: The impact of twin crises on the future of migrant education in Thailand. The Inclusive Education Foundation. Mae Sot. Thailand.

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