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Improving Protection for Migrant Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In response to the aftermath of COVID-19, participatory action research was undertaken to identify child protection issues faced by children in migrant communities in Thailand’s Tak Province. Children interviewed in the study reported that physical abuse was the most frequently occurring risk, closely followed by emotional abuse and child labor, underscoring the manifold challenges these young individuals are confronting. The pandemic has intensified the strains on these already marginalized communities, putting their educational and emotional well-being at risk. The comprehensive report not only sheds light on these pressing concerns but also provides actionable recommendations. It advocates for comprehensive and community-based approaches that are crucial for ensuring educational continuity and the maintenance of child protection mechanisms during such challenging times.

Recommended Citation

Zar, T., Tyrosvoutis, G., & Castello, I. (2021). Improving protection for migrant children during the COVID-19 pandemic. Help Without Frontiers Thailand Foundation and TeacherFOCUS.

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