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Designed for Disruption

Lessons learned from teacher education in Myanmar and its borderlands

Teacher education in Myanmar and its borderlands, influenced by long-term conflict and disruptions, functions within both official and alternative systems. The COVID-19 pandemic heavily disrupted Myanmar's central government's approach to teacher education, but parallel systems demonstrated adaptability through decentralized and flexible strategies. These systems might provide valuable insights for teacher education in other crisis scenarios. Many researchers have emphasized the need for a deeper understanding of teacher roles and the functionality of education systems during emergencies. In light of the rising global conflict and displacement, a better comprehension of teacher education in crises becomes crucial. The COVID-19 situation has underscored the importance of learning from emergency settings, and the Myanmar context, with its history of persistent disruptions, offers invaluable lessons. This article delves into the practices of parallel teacher education providers in Myanmar, exploring their resilience during the pandemic and situating it within a broader context of ongoing conflict and challenges in the region.

Recommended Citation

Rinehart, G. and Tyrosvoutis, G. (2023). Designed for disruption: Lessons learned from teacher education in Myanmar and its borderlands. Education and Conflict Review. 4(1), 19-28.

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