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all in for education.

We work with teachers, schools, and education leaders to ensure that all children on the Thai-Myanmar border can access high-quality and contextualized education that meets their needs.

Reshaping access to quality education

An estimated 200,000 migrant children are out of school in Thailand, and current school enrollment rates in Tak Province predict that only 1 in 5 will graduate with a high school-level diploma. The result is grade-level student enrollment that resembles a triangle.

InEd looks to close the gap and reshape the education landscape from a triangle to a square. We do this in several key ways.

Source: Migrant Education Coordination Center and Government of Canada, 2022-2023.


01 | For teachers,
with teachers.

Our partnerships with teachers and schools help us co-develop robust educational frameworks and high-quality standards. We provide pre- and in-service training designed to not disrupt the busy lives of teachers. Together, we build more sustainable, accountable education systems that drive continuous improvement.

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02 | Out-of-School Children Enrollment

We work alongside diverse partners to find innovative ways to reduce the practical barriers to migrant student enrollment and retention.

Hidden Costs

We create contracts with migrant families to co-support educational costs and fees.

ภาษาไทย (Thai language)

We train and place bilingual Burmese and Thai teaching assistants to work alongside Thai public school teachers.

System Complexity

We support parents and youth to make informed decisions about their education pathway.

03 | Youth-led Participatory Action Research

We believe that youth are best-positioned to guide research dialogue and advocacy on issues impacting them. In 2024, InEd will launch its fourth 'Youth Champion' cohort, running from May through the end of December. Alongside English language and skill-based competencies, 20 migrant youth will lead their own action research projects in partnership with a local Thai foundation. 


04 | Digital Education

Partnering with UNESCO Bangkok and the LearnBig platform, we connect passionate educators with online content creators to reach students in Myanmar and Thailand at risk of educational exclusion.


05 | Research and Advocacy

Through ongoing research, we seek to continually improve our projects and evidence both our impact and the challenges faced in marginalized communities. InEd also hosts and participates in webinars, conferences, and other events as part of our advocacy and outreach.

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